TORY WYNTER is internationally recognized as a star of stage and screen as well as an acclaimed ambassador for World Music. He is an award-winning singer, composer, arranger, music producer, and recording artist. Tory is also known for his brilliant work on television and stage, as a producer, director and of course actor extraordinaire. He has hosted his own TV specials in Jamaica, Curacao, Nassau-Bahamas, and Saint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles), all to tremendous critical acclaim..

Born in Jamaica, Tory spent his early years in London. From there, he moved to New York City. In New York he studied voice and acting and quickly assumed his music and entertainment career under the auspices of the William Morris Agency and the International Creative Management Agency. His career began to rise toward stardom with the help of legendary manager Al Vermut.

Tory began performing with some of the greatest names in entertainment, and for some of the most prestigious audiences. Early fans included such figures as Jesse Owens, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. The immortal conductor Leonard Bernstein thought so much of Tory’s talent that he provided an opportunity to perform on the Merv Griffin Show.

Soon after, Tory burst onto the recording industry, writing several albums and singles for major record labels. The experience and expertise he picked up along the way allowed Tory to open a highly successful publishing company and record label, Laykash Records. Tory has recorded an array of hit songs that has reached the number one position on the Billboard Music Charts for nine consecutive weeks. His recent appearances on the Geraldo Rivera and David Letterman shows prove that the voice, the music, and the multi-faceted talent of Tory Wynter remain well respected in the world of show business.

TORY WYNTER has had the honor and privilege of performing at some of the world’s greatest venues, from the most glamorous nightclubs and hotels to hottest concert halls and stadiums in some of the world’s largest cities. He has performed in New York, London, Paris, Rome and in cities throughout Canada, Spain, Holland, The Far East, Africa, South America, the Carribbean, just to name a few.